Macra 2018

April 30, 2018

On Sunday the 29th, our team hosted the Mid-American Collegiate Rowing Association Championships at East Fork Lake. Every Crew raced hard, the following lists the results.


The Varsity Women competed in an 8, two 4’s and a single. The WV8 finished 2nd in the Petite final finishing ahead of Chicago and Miami. Aisling competed in a single and finished 3rd in the Grand final beating rowers from Kansas and Marietta. The Varsity Women rowed in two fours over the weekend. The B four was placed in the Petite Final and finished last. They are looking to make up some ground heading into the final races of the spring season. The A four qualified for the Grand final and finished 3rd with a time of 8:56.0. The Men’s Varsity competed in small boats taking out two pairs, two singles, and a four. Both pairs advanced to the Grand Final and finished in 3rd and 6th. Tristen’s single finished in 2nd in the Petite final and Chis finished 1st in the Grand Final with a time of 8:22.5. The four qualified for the Grand Final and finished fourth with a time of 7:50.5 beating Dayton and Miami. The Novice Women advanced in their qualifying heat to the Grad Final and finished 4th after surging to beat Chicago in the last 500m only losing third to Kansas by roughly 3 seconds. The Novice Men competed in the petite final and swept the competition beating their 2nd place competitors from Miami by 12.1 seconds.