Spring 2019 Season Update

July 6, 2019

Below you will find a season update from Director Peter Rosberg

Bearcat family-

Now that my first spring as head coach and Director has come to a close, I wanted to reach out to y’all and just tell you how proud I am of this team, and how freaking excited I am for the future of this program.

ACRA-our national championship regatta was simply awesome. There isn’t a better was to describe it. Out of our 8 entries, 4 of them walked away with medals. Every boat had a very strong weekend. People around that regatta were talking about UC and the efficiency of our program. Above everything else this year, we established a culture of speed and an expectation of effort that will be passed on for years. I am sure going to make sure of that.

Our next focus will be HEAVILY of recruiting. While we have a very successful team, it is also not as big as we’d like. Our recruiting chair, Claire Bruening and I have been Brainstorming about this for months, and we are very confident we can up numbers with a more through effort than UC has ever attempted before. If you’re in the area, and you’d like to pitch in with this, we need you! We need the whole program (and all alums are still part of the program!) to help with this.

In short, we just completed a long, intense, and successful year. We have many reasons to be excited for the future, but it’s gonna take a lot of hard work, both on and off the water to get there. And above all else, I can’t express how exited I am to be on this journey with all of you.

Go Bearcats

Peter Rosberg
Head Coach/Director of Rowing
University of Cincinnati