Evaluation Week!

January 16, 2023

Following winter break comes the return of the bearcats to the Tanks. In a week of self evaluation, the team powered through many of the big tests including 6k's, 2k's, max watts, and an hour of power. The combination of results show how balanced and fit each rower is as well as what they should focus on in the months leading up to ACRA. This annual evaluation week brings out the competition between our rowers, so we are happy to announce new record board times along with some PR's!

Record Board

The first mention goes to Laura Moser, dropping her 2k time from 8:04.0 to 7:55.1 and moving up to 9th place on the Women's Novice 2000 Meters board. This 2k was her second ever and occurred after a couple week long break. She really showed us how to put in the work!

The next mention goes to Katrina Schneider, getting 10th place on the Women's Novice 2000 Meters with just a second off Laura's at a time of 7:56.1. They both beat the old 9th place time by a couple seconds and better yet, they scored themselves new PRs.


The 6k and 2k PRs were all obtained by our novice ladies team. With it being their first spring semester, they were able to show how much they've improved within their few months of rowing from the fall.



  • Sarah Boellner
  • Molly Moser
  • Taegan Phelps

Hour of Power

Out of the varsity team, Connor Klein was the one to come through and PR in his hour of power. In his fourth year on the team, he is still learning new ways to improve and drop his times.

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