Fourth Annual Erg-a-Thon

January 26, 2023

Our 4th annual Erg-a-Thon fundraiser will be held on Saturday, February 11th at noon under the Montgomery Inn Boathouse. This event is designed to be inclusive for all of our bearcat friends, family, and alumni. Each meter puts us closer to our team meter goal and hopefully closer to our donation goals! Please join us at the boathouse to row on an erg or to support one of the bearcats!

What happens at the Erg-a-Thon

Rowers will be put into teams where they try to row as many meters as possible. Each team's goal is to row a marathon which is 42.2 kilometers and takes about 4 hours.  Teams also have the option to set goals per the individual or to try to push further than the designated 42.2 kilometers. In the meantime, movies will be projected on the wall for all to watch.

This is a great time to chat with the team and meet others in bearcat circle!


The goal of the Erg-a-Thon is to raise money for this year's travel expenses as well as new equipment purchases. Travel includes our Spring Break trip to Clemson, South Carolina where we spend a week doing 2-a-days to kickstart outdoor training for the season. Another big travel expense is the weekend trip to ACRA, a national championship regatta held in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. ACRA is one of the biggest regattas that we attend, and all of our training efforts are geared towards earning hardware. The true competitive nature of UCRC can be seen there. Other events and information such as Redhawk Sprints and MACRA can be seen on our Race Schedule Page. In addition, we take great care of our equipment with limited funding in mind. Donations made would support the maintenance and improvement of our current boats and oars!

How to Donate

There are a couple ways to make donations to the team. One option is distance based. Pick a team or individual and donate a designated amount per kilometer rowed. Another method is to make a single donation for the whole team! We appreciate any donation as it greatly supports us. Your presence and participation in this event helps keep us going!

Payments can be made using the following:
  • Venmo - @cincyrowing
  • PayPal -
  • Check - Made out to UC Rowing Club
  • Cash - Please put cash in an envelope with UCRC on it

Contact Information

Taegan Phelps is our fundraising chair and would be happy to answer any questions about the Erg-a-Thon. Reach out to her at or by phone at (937)626-9811. There is also more information on the fundraising page.