Spring Break Splash

March 21, 2023

On Monday, March 13th, the Bearcats packed their bags and drove down to Clemson, South Carolina to row on Clemson University's Lake Hartwell. There, the 3 docks were shared between the Bearcats and other teams ready to kick off the outdoor season.

The Row

Our novices, Sebastian and Michael, took their strong first strokes on the water. Spring break is a great time for novices who joined during indoors to experience rowing in the boat without any other distractions and in the daylight. These two rowed in an eight, a boat that provides the most stability for those learning. Our second season women's novices were also able to switch up their routines by trying different pair combinations. Twins, Laura and Molly Moser, rowed in a pair together for the first time. Some of the women's novices were paired with our varsity women in different combinations. When in a pair, the person in bow has foot steering in addition to rowing equally between partners, so varsity member, Erin Day, was also able to learn how to bow for the first time. To row well in a smaller boat, the pairs must match strokes and have strong communication between one another. With no boats flipping all break, our ladies pulled this off very well. Varsity men Connor Klein and Frank Mularcik were able to practice sculling in a mixed quad alongside Rose Saalman and Erin Day. Last season, the women's varsity crew had lots of practice sculling in a quad for regattas, so this was a great opportunity for the varsity men to learn too. Over the week, the coaches record each boat. During a review session, everyone gathers in Coach Brian's room to watch footage together and discuss. The videos allow the crew to visualize what they can improve as well as what went well and apply that to how they felt during the row. It's also a good time for the crew to come together to help one another.

Crew Hangouts

Although two a day training takes a lot of time, the Bearcats like to have some other fun too. Well... it is Spring Break! Frank took full advantage, breaking headlines. He became known as the master of the food court, grabbing at least 4 plates at every meal. When the Bearcats get access to a food court, they don't hesitate to fuel up. Frank also took up some other cardiovascular activities, such as taking 10 mile runs and taking three swims in Lake Hartwell. A little bit of cold will not slow him down. The team went out for a few adventures, with rower Claire Hulett buying new pants and some of the crew getting coffee with Coach Caitlin. With the weather in the 40's, everyone had to stay warm somehow. Varsity rower Ari Deluca stopped by for the day, breaking away from her time at co-op. Although we miss our rowers when they leave for a semester, we love seeing them whenever they have time for a visit.

Upcoming Events

The Bearcats are back in Cincy, rigging the boats to row on the Ohio River from the Marina. The weather is still a bit chilly, but they hope to get on the water within the next few days. Keep up on our other events by following our instagram and tiktoks @cincyrowing.