Bearcat Summer

June 11, 2023

Every summer, the team finishes the season strong at ACRA, then they store the boats until the fall semester starts.  While the Bearcats look forward to the summer for relaxation in the sun, they inevitably miss the adrenaline rush of rowing. Internships and classes keep them busy, but there's a small part of their day that is still missing. Naturally, the Bearcats have found ways to stay in shape regardless of where life has taken them.

Varsity rower Nathan Damas is currently interning in LA, where he joined the Long Beach Rowing Association. There, he has been able to do 2-a-day workouts, some with VO2 training on the erg and others with technical training a the single. Before this summer, he had little experience in a single, but has exceled significantly. Within the next few weeks, he hopes to get experience with his first singles races at the Southwest Masters Regionals and the US Summer Nationals U23. Nathan hopes to row post graduation, so his skills and passion for rowing will only continue to grow over the years.

Varsity rower Jenna Pangburn took an internship in France for the spring and summer semester. Although she couldn't go to nationals with the team with May, she found another team to join in France to keep in touch with her passion for rowing. The Sport Nautique de Nancy also had a team where she could row with the French students. Luckily, SNN is a very competitive boathouse for all ages, so she spent the season training in a mixed quad for the French University National Championship. Training with different teams is a great way to see other coaching techniques as well as how rowers in other countries row. The training was especially fun for her because practice was held in another language and she enjoyed learning the terminology in French. Her season also ended in May, but she continues to erg in the gym and exercise outdoors.

Of course, there are still plenty of opportunities to row or stay active in Cincinnati. For those who want to row, we have a close relationship with other Cincinnati teams including the Cincinnati Rowing Club (CRC) and Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club (CJRC). Some of our rowers, including Connor Klein, have joined these programs to continue practicing. There, it is easy to test out new boat combinations and techniques. In addition, our novice ladies have strong bonds between each other, so they find themselves lifting, working out, or enjoying fun activities together.

If you're a prospective rower for the University of Cincinnati Rowing team, don't be shy to reach out to us before the season starts back up in the fall. We were all inexperienced at one point and fell in love with rowing while in college.  We continue to row in the off season because it's something that we enjoy and maybe you will enjoy too! The team has had so much growth through experiences like these, so give us a try and see where you can go. Our recruiting chair, Connor Klein, can be contacted through our recruiting form or directly by email,

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