UCRC’s Spring Season 2024

January 31, 2024

UCRC is back from winter break and we are ready for the upcoming season. As always, we start indoors at the Tanks for training, and we head back to the water starting on spring break. We are also glad to welcome in our new novices this season. It is always great to

Indoor Races

With the cold weather, we keep our boats winterized until mid-March, but that doesn't stop us from competing! Our indoor competitions stay local, first with one of our own rowing teams here in Cincinnati: Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club. They host an indoor 2,000 meter race with UCRC. This is a fun way for our teams to support one another. Then UCRC hosts our annual Erg-a-Thon. Rather than being a typical 2,000 meter event, this is a fundraising event where people can donate per meter rowed, with most athletes rowing a full marathon (42,195 meters)! Typically, a marathon can take 3-4 hours to row. Finally, we go to Ohio State Indoors, where we compete in another 2,000 meter event, with a few universities outside of Cincinnati. For some extra fun, Ohio State Indoor also has a 1,000 meter race for coxswains. We're excited to see them put their rowing knowledge to the test.


Let's just say UCRC will be busy training hard in February. Below is a list of dates and events for our indoor season.
  • Cincinnati Junior's Indoor - Feb 3 - Cincinnati, OH
  • Erg-a-Thon - Feb 10 - Cincinnati, OH
  • Ohio State Indoor - Feb 17 - Columbus, OH

Back on the Water

Enough about indoors. As rowers, we love our time out on the water and can't wait to start the season in Clemson on spring break. Spring break is always a blast; we have two-a-day workouts with trips to the food courts in between. Ever seen a food court full of rowers? We are hungry. Of course, we play card games and hangout, too. This is always a special experience, especially for those who joined in the winter. For many, it can be their first row on the water. Exciting! Starting in April, we head into our regattas. All races are a 2,000 meter sprint in the Spring, so we train with much higher intensity. At Red Hawk Sprints, we take our first strokes racing in the water. Then, we head to MACRA, a regional championship. Intensity of competition really ramps up here. Last, but not least, we head to ACRA, a national championship. ACRA is the biggest race the teams attends annually, and it's where the dedication of our training comes into full play.


What makes us rowers is our time on the water. Here are all of the events you can find us at this season.
  • Spring Break Training  - Mar 11-16 - Clemson, SC
  • Red Hawk Sprints - April TBD - Oxford, OH
  • MACRA Regional Championship - April 28 - Indianapolis, IN
  • ACRA National Championship - May 17-19 - Oak Ridge, TN

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