Champ week is our new and exciting tier based fundraiser! The goal of this is to fund all of our costs to attend the American Collegiate Rowing Association Championship Regatta or ACRA for short

How are the costs of ACRA broken down?

We have 30+ athletes and a hand full of coaches that all need to make it down to Gainesville, GA. Hotels, vans, trucks, gas and fees add up quickly. Below is our estimated budget to attend ACRA Nation Championship Regatta this year.

  • 3 Nights in Hotel: $2700
  • Van & Truck Rental: $1800
  • Fuel: $1000
  • Boat Entry Fees: $1000

Total: $6500

Levels of Donation

NUTS and BOLTS ($10)

This donation helps to keep every rigger, seat and oar where its supposed to be for the big race. Just like each athlete while they take a stoke, one small thing out of place can cause a wave across the boat that can be the difference.

ONE TEAM ($38)

The University of Cincinnati Rowing Club has been active and competing for 38 years now. This donation is $1 for each year UCRC has been active to make sure we have 38 more years to come.

SPONSOR an OAR** ( $70)

During the final push of a race our athletes are looking for anything to distract their minds as the pain builds. With this donation you will get the option to put a personalized message on the shaft of an oar of your choice to help our athletes push through the finish.

SPONSOR a VAN ($120)

Our club rents vans to get everyone to the race and back to Cincinnati safely. This donation will the cover the cost of one of our vans for a day.

POUND for POUND ($200)

Our boats are constructed out of fiberglass, carbon fiber and other light weight materials. Over the length of an 8+ all that material can add to upwards of 200 pounds. This donation is a dollar for each pound we push as a team down the course.

ROAD to ACRA ($450)

Each year we travel the 450 miles to Gainesville, GA to compete in ACRA and display what we have spent the past year working on. Help us get there by donating a dollar for each mile we travel to compete in our national championship.

RACE DAY ($2000)

Our national championship is 8 lanes wide and 2000 meters long. From the shore line it does not look like much but sitting in a boat 2 feet wide it looks endless. Please consider donating a dollar for every meter we row on our way to the finish line.

How to Donate

UC Rowing will be using Mightycause to collect and track your donations for the full length of the fundraiser. Mightycause is a crowdfunding website similar to Go Fund Me but better suited for teams. Below will you will find a few answers to commonly asked questions and the link to our page on Mightycause.

  • What methods of payment are accepted through Mightycause?
    • Mightycause accepts all major credit cards and Paypal. When you reach that point in the donation process, Mightycause will direct you to the correct page for your donation.
  • Will I need to provide my address and why?
    • It depends on the tier that you make your donation for! Some tiers will ask for your address so that we can mail you a gift as a thank you for your supporting of the team at our national championship. If you would like to skip this step, that is an option as well.
  • How do I input the message that I would like on my “Sponsor an Oar” donation?
    • After you pick how much to donate ($70 for Sponsor an Oar) you will have the option to dedicate your donation. This is where you will enter the name of the athlete you would like the sponsorship to go to and enter the message you would like on their oar.
  • If you have more questions please reach out to