Erin Nurre

Assistant Coach

Erin Nurre could be found practicing every afternoon on the Licking
River with Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club in her high school rowing
days. She continued her career at Princeton University where, during
her four-year career with the Tigers, she raced in both Varsity 8’s and
4’s as well as gained confidence in sculling. The Ivy League
Championship medalist took her endeavors to the “land down under”
after graduation, where she was appointed Head Coach of the
women’s rowing team at Radford College in Australia. She coached
several sculling and sweep boats through the Australian National
Championships to medal. In an unexpected turn of events which
proved, as Erin says, “one is never too washed up to give it a go”, she
became an Aussie National champ herself, securing a gold medal in
the 500m sprint relay. “Rowing is a sport that changed the course of
my life. It is a love and discipline I hope to instill in the students I
coach,” she says.

“I’m thrilled that Brian Pack has agreed to return to the Bearcats,”
commented Rolf Linder, President of UCRAF. “He and Erin will make
a terrific combination -- with Brian’s prior knowledge of UC as an
athlete and a coach, and Erin’s experience as a NCAA Division I
athlete and coach in Australia. Each of them has tons of passion and
rowing experience. I can see already that they will inspire their athletes. Equally, our alumni will be
inspired to support them.”