Participate in an event hosted by the team

Below is a list of events that all friends and family of UC Rowing are invited to attend. Watch for dates on the schedule page and reach out to with any questions!

Fall Alumni Happy Hour

The goal of this event is to reach out and reconnect with recent and old alumni to update them on whats to come for the year. After a summer of limited team activity we want to dust off the cob webs and see how everyone is doing. Past venues have included Rheingiest in OTR and Catskellar Pub on UC’s campus.

Winter Erg-a-thon

Our Erg-a-thon is a meter based fundraiser. Each winter the team get together and we row anywhere from 20k to a full marathon in one sitting. Athletes do this as a team or solo. During this we set up a projector and face all the ergs to watch a movie and pass the time. For this event you have the opportunity to sponsor an athlete and donate either for the event or an amount for each kilometer they row.

Champ Week

Champ Week is a new fundraiser for UCRC. This fundraiser is a tier based fundraiser with the goal to cover some if not all of the increasing cost of attending our national championship race. Some options will  include a nut and bolts donation, sponsoring an athletes oar and sponsoring a van for the trip. More information will provided as we get closer to ACRA.

End of Year Banquet

Family, friends and alumni are invited to come celebrate the teams achievements over the past year in a formal banquet. At this event our club president, coaches and captains will take the opportunity to shine the light on a few student athletes for their achievements in athletics and course work over the past year. This is a catered lunch that requires and RSVP and ticket to be purchased.