Hello, and thank you for visiting the University of Cincinnati Rowing Alumni and Friends (UCRAF) COVID Relief Fundraiser homepage. This will be the first fundraiser hosted jointly by the University of Cincinnati Rowing Club (UCRC) and UCRAF. The goal is to ensure the survival of UCRC amidst the debilitating blows to its funding and recruiting efforts during this pandemic. The hope is to encourage athletes to continue fighting through this year with the prospect of continued growth in the future. Being a four-year rower and alumni of UCRC myself, I could not have imagined my college experience without the support and safe haven away from classes that the team provides. The idea that future students may not have the same opportunities as I did to learn to row and race as a part of UC is a devastating possibility that may very well become a reality. If you are interested in learning more about this fundraiser and goals for future fundraisers hosted by UCRAF, please read below. Thank you for your time, and I hope you all are staying strong and healthy through this tough time.

UCRAF Covid Relief Fund:

Due to the pandemic, UCRC’s income has been severely impacted. In a normal year the team can expect $26,500 from the university and dues/student fundraising income from the athletes. Unfortunately, funding cuts were made by the University, severely impacting all club sports. Heavy restrictions were then placed on the team in regards to when and how they are allowed to practice. Because of this, they have only been able to collect a fraction of the dues and received no financial aid from the university. The team has been forced to turn towards their saving account of about $14,000 to pay for both marina rent and a reduced salary for UCRC Director, Peter Rosberg. Rolf Linder has graciously agreed to reduce UCRC rent to help with the situation, but with no end in sight for COVID and a poor year of recruiting, the savings will soon run out. The goal of this fundraiser is to bolster the team’s savings to guarantee that Peter will continue to receive his reduced salary and that the team will make it through this pandemic without having to start from zero, or worse.

Fund Allocation:

The goal for this fundraiser is $3,500.00. This goal was set to guarantee the Director’s salary for the remainder of the year and set the team up with a little money to begin next semester. Everything raised in excess of this number will be put aside in a savings account held and controlled by UCRAF. These excess funds will be used either as additional COVID relief next semester or the beginning of a capital purchase savings account.

Future of UCRAF:

A side goal of this fundraiser is to jumpstart alumni involvement in the UCRAF organization and the UCRAF board. Working together with Rolf Linder( the current UCRAF organizer), various members of the UCRC board,  Alex Stringfellow ’19, and myself, Tristan Hite ’19 (both organizers of this increase in involvement), we will start to form an alumni board comprised of any alumni that would like to be involved in the future of team. There will be various levels of involvement ranging from a basic membership with voting rights to those gifted with responsibilities and tasks in order to maintain the health of the UCRAF and UCRC organizations. More on this will be released later, but if you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please reach out to XXXXXXX@XXXXXX.com

Continued Support of UCRC:

All of this effort will come together to create a network of informed and active alumni who have a say in the advancement and growth of the team for many years to come. Eventually, we hope that this network will be able to help support the team we all came to enjoy so much with capital purchases such as cox boxes, oars, boats, and the ever illusive boathouse. 

Thank you all for taking the time to visit the this page, learn about the future plans,

and participate in the development of a strong future for UCRC.

-Tristan Hite & Alex Stringfellow Class of 2019