It’s Recruiting Season!

January 5, 2023

UCRC is looking forward to their return to indoor training with the hopes that new novices will be joining them! The Spring season will be focused on 2000 meter sprint races, with higher stroke rates and lower splits than the long distance head races from the fall.

What is Rowing with the Bearcats?

If you're someone who is focused on improving yourself and making some friends along the way, UC's rowing club may be for you. On the team, we push ourselves mentally and physically. Training requires focus in which you teach yourself to tune into all your senses- watching to sync with stroke seat, listening to the sound of contact between blade and water, and feeling the rhythm of the rowers surrounding you. Physically, you push yourself just a bit further every practice to drop your split and accomplish your goals. When it comes to race day, all of this will combine with the fuel of competition and technique learned from the coaches to help you beat another boat by just a few split seconds. Everyone in the boat is dependent on one another to be their best.

But boats aren't complete without a coxswain. The larger boats, fours and eights, need a leader to both steer the rudder and direct them. A coxswain is loud, proud, and knows how to get the attention of their boat. They don't put in the physical labor of the rowers, but they strive to make their boat retain that mental focus that is so important. They lead their rowers through drills, changes in stroke rate, and best of all, keeping good technique through difficult pieces. On otherwise quiet waters, only the sound of a coxswain's call and the blades on the water can be heard. Coxswains are small, but mighty.

What Happens When I Join?

Beginning January 17th, anyone who is interested in joining is welcome to meet us indoors at the Cincinnati Rowing Center which we call "the Tanks". At the Tanks, we use indoor rowing machines called ergs to train. There, it is easier to track individual progress through split times. The coaches teach pacing techniques as well as how to keep good form. Want to see how fast you can get? Check out the record board. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! Most rowers who are currently on the team had not rowed before college.

Indoor transitions to outdoor on Spring Break. A time that the team always looks forward to, we travel to Clemson, SC for our first strokes back on the water. Especially for new rowers, this is a great start on the water with no other stresses of work or school. In addition, the Clemson food courts are always the team go to spot after hard work at practice. After Spring Break, we return to the Marina, where we row on the Little Miami and Ohio River. All this practice is geared towards regattas including MACRA and ACRA (a national competition!). With hard work and dedication, it is possible to medal at these prestigious events.

With each season comes dues. UCRC is a student run club and we fund our own operations, but the benefits are plentiful. Dues cover the entry fees to regattas as well as the travel and lodging while there. We travel to many midwestern states including Tennessee and South Carolina to row. In addition, they help pay our coaches, who are both alumni of the team and experienced rowers. Other operations include the cost for maintenance of equipment, our facilities, and apparel. We have built in fundraising events called Rent-a-Rowers (RARs) where we get paid to do yard or house work. With a few RARs, dues can be minimized.

Who Can I Talk to?

Our recruiting chair, Tommy Owendoff, can be reached in two ways. Reach out to us on the website through our recruiting contact form or email him directly at Some common questions are also answered on our FAQ page. We would love to see you at our next practice! Anyone on the team will be willing to help you navigate the rowing world.

If you would like to see what we've been up to, follow us on social media @cincyrowing for both instagram and tiktok!