Cincinnati Indoor Erg Sprints

February 13, 2023

On Februray 4th, the team competed in the Cincinnati Indoor Erg Sprints with the Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club (CJ) and Cincinnati Rowing Club (CRC). We enjoyed pushing ourselves in a competitive setting, allowing many of the Bearcats to PR.

Big Wins

One of our biggest wins of the day was a record board time set by Molly Moser, taking 9th place on the Women's Novice 2000 Meters with a time of 7:53.8.

Our second mention is Nathan Damas, setting the quickest time of the day.

Race Results

Women's Collegiate Varsity

  • Rose Saalman - 1st
  • Erin Day - 2nd

Women's Collegiate Novice

  • Molly Moser - 1st
  • Katrina Schneider - 2nd
  • Laura Moser - 3rd

Men's Collegiate Varsity

  • Nathan Damas - 1st
  • Connor Klein - 2nd
  • Frank Mularcik - 3rd

Men's Collegiate Novice

  • Sebastian Motsch - 1st


  • Molly Moser
  • Taegan Phelps
  • Claire Hulett
  • Sarah Boellner
  • Nathan Damas
  • Tommy Owendoff
  • Sebastian Motsch

Notable Alumni Mentions

  • Coach Brian Pack
  • Tristan Hite
  • Cody Webken
  • Megan Urbanic

Upcoming Events

The Bearcat's next race will be the Ohio State Indoors in Columbus, OH on February 25th. The team is taking this opportunity to test themselves in another indoor race before going back on water for Spring Break.

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