OSU Indoor Results

March 9, 2023

For the last indoor race before returning to water, the team traveled to Columbus, Ohio on February 25th for Ohio State Indoors. Once again, the team has swept themselves into even better PRs.

Record Board

During the OSU Indoor Event, the team overtook 2 new record board times, set by Katrina Schneider with a time of 7:51.6 (PR by 4.5 seconds) and  Molly Moser with a time of 7:51.8.

This semester of women's novices are driving themselves up the record board, catching 7th and 8th place this time. The friendly battle for top spot has been consistent from the start of the season between the twins, Molly and Laura Moser along with Katrina Schneider. So far, these ladies have knocked down the 10th place time from 8:04.6 to 7:53.7, beating times that were set in 2018 and earlier. Future novice ladies will have to put in hard work to catch these 3 rowers.

Race Results

Women's Open Novice Results

  • Katrina Schneider - 1st
  • Molly Moser - 2nd
  • Laura Moser - 3rd


  • Molly Moser
  • Katrina Schneider
  • Taegan Phelps
  • Claire Hulett
  • Ayush Chanda
  • Sebastian Motsch

First Time 2k's

Congratulations to our novices who completed their first 2ks! We look forward to seeing PRs in the future as they learn pacing techniques.

  • Michael Martin
  • Sam Mullett
  • Alexis Shannon

Notable Mentions

Coach Brian Pack took first in the Men's Open Event.

Upcoming Events

The Bearcats will be heading to Clemson, South Carolina for Spring Break. The return to water will entail two-a-day workouts as well as the much loved meals at the Clemson University food courts. Catch them on the flip side!

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