What is an Erg-a-Thon and How Will it Work

An Erg-a-thon is like a walk-a-thon but we use our rowing machines, located under the Montgomery Inn Boathouse, instead of walking.

The event will be around 4 hours of rowing, either in teams or solo, with each team setting a goal for how far they want to row. An average team can reach about 40,000 meters in this time, which is close to a full marathon of 42.2 kilometers. Movies are played on a projector during the event to give the rowers entertainment.


How to Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved and make this event a success. First, all friends, family, and alumni are welcome to join us at the boathouse during the Erg-a-Thon. Erg along with us or come for moral support. Another option is to donate to the team.

  • Donate based on our equipment list
    • Over winter break, our team’s equipment trailer was stolen. At the bottom of this page, there is a list of equipment that we need to replace, along with their use and prices. The current cost of our equipment needs is around $4500 and any donation that goes towards this list will be greatly appreciated to get us back into operation.
  • Donate per meter
    • For this method pick an individual rower or team that you would like to sponsor and an amount per meter that you would like to donate. Remember the average team or solo athlete can cover 35,000 to 45,000 over the 4 hours. The typical range is about $0.50-$2.00 per kilometer.
  • Donate a lump sum
    • With this option you can donate one sum either in the name of a rower you would like to sponsor or for the club.
  • Participate in the event!!
    • We invite all friends, family and alumni to come join the fun! You can participate in the rowing or you can show up and watch the movies while cheering on the team.

How to donate:

  • Venmo – @cincyrowing
  • PayPal – treasurer@cincyrowing.org
  • Check – addressed to UC Rowing Club
  • Cash – Put in envelope with UC Rowing Club written on it

When and where is the event: On February 10th, the boat house will open at noon and the event will start at around 12:30pm. The event will take place under the Montgomery Inn Boathouse at 925 Riverside Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Equipment List

Over winter break, the team had our equipment trailer stolen. Many items that are key to our daily productivity were stolen. Contributions made toward this list will help the team get back to practice both safely and effectively. If you would like to make a donation that goes towards a specific item on the list, please leave a note

Equipment Fundraising List

Item NumberPictureItemPurchased?Importance RankQuantityCostDescription
Vespoli RiggersNo18$3,500Riggers are very important to us! They attach to the boat and allow us to move our oars throughout the water. The price is around $3500 for 8 riggers, which allows us to row two of our 4-seated boats.
2BlocksNo120N/ABlocks are what we use to set our boats on when not in use or on the trailer. We build our own out of wood and rope. It is tradition for each new class of rowers to sign blocks as "the foundation of our team".
3Reflective VestsNo13$25Reflective Vests are crucial for the safety of our team. Since we row early in the morning, the reflective vests allow us to be seen by barges on the river. The cost is $25 for a set of 10 reflective vests.
4SlingsNo120$150Slings are used to hold boats in an upright position while being rigged and derigged. They are crucial for work on boats and for holding the boats during regattas.
5Coxswain Floatation SuitNo22$294Coxswain Suits are used to keep coxswains warm and dry on cold mornings. Since coxswains are not actively moving during practice, these are crucial for the comfort and safety of our coxswains.
6Milk CrateNo24$10The milk crates are used to carry our bow and stern lights, water bottles, and shoes to and from the dock.
7Canopy TentNo32$119Canopy Tents are used to keep our rowers and personal belongings shielded during regattas. Weather can often be harsh and having canopys helps us rest between races.
8UC Logo Canopy TentNo31$270We often use our tent at recruiting and fundraising events. This canopy tent has UC's logo on it, making our team stand out from the rest. This would also be used during regattas.
9Oar CarrierNo34$81Oar Carriers are used to transport oars between the trailer and dock at regattas. They are handy for quick transportation as many crews are moving around the launch area.
106 ft TableNo41$31Our tables are using at recruiting events and regattas. Most often they are used to protect our food during regattas.
11Misc GearNo5N/A$10Miscellaneous gear includes clams, sleeves, collars, oar locks, and any spare parts that are necessary to keep around. These are all smaller parts that go on our oars and boats. Prices vary on these parts from $1.50 to $30. $10 would allow us to allocate donations to our most necessary spare parts, but any donation would be appreciated.
12Storage BinsNo51$150With everything stolen from our trailer, we need new weatherproof storage bins for our trailer. These will be used to organize our spare parts, apparel, and equipment. This buys 10 bins in a variety of sizes.
135 - Gallon BucketNo52$4.50Buckets are used for washing boats after practice. Help us keep our boats looking nice!

Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our fundraising chair, Taegan Phelps.

Email: fundraising@cincyrowing.org

Phone Number: (937)626-9811